Washing Machine

Cashmere can also be washed in the washing machine, but with the necessary precautions and using specific devices. Put the garment in the washing machine upside down, possibly in a wash-up net for washing underwear. Add a small amount of delicate detergent to the drum, specific for wool, select a short program for delicate items with a temperature that does not exceed 30 ° C. Exclude the centrifuge or choose it at a medium speed, no more than 400 rpm, so you will eliminate much of the excess water in the garment, without ruining it.

By Hand

To wash your garment in cashmere by hand, dissolve in a basin of warm water of wool detergent, neutral detergent or a mild shampoo. Dip it upside down and let it absorb all the water, which will revive the fabric, leaving it to soak for no more than 5 minutes: the excessive stay in the water could ruin it. Then massage it by gently pressing, but without twisting or rubbing, so as not to make the garment felt. Rinse with warm running water and finally wrap the sweater, or your cashmere garment, in a towel: roll it gently, leaving it wrapped until you have lost most of the water.